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Quality becomes sustainability.

Above all, sustainability stands for transparency and quality, in both the building process and the end result. A sustainably planned and developed building is one that's ready for the future. Economy joins with ecology. We think real estate in its complete lifecycle thus adding value through better processes and superior building performance. We consult you in all aspects of design and building related matters. Integrated collaboration with the client and his complete design team is at the core of our work. We see ourselves as coordinators for the future proof building.

  • Strategy Consulting

    Strategy Consulting

    Starting in the initial development, covering the construction phase and operation as well as potential refurbishments we consult and work with you in all cycles your building goes through. We always keep a focus on sustainability in design and operation. We work up performance criteria and benchmarks, design the façade of your building and integrate your needs so that the design will meet your specifications.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    With specific targets in your design and sustainability integrated in your project your building will be future proof. In the early phase of your project you secure a clear path for your decisions and the option to go for a green building certificate at a later point. With benchmarks from Green Building labels you can optimize your risk management and at the same time raise the value of your property.

  • Sustainability certification

    Sustainability certification

    We conduct audits for green building certification and optimize your project with simulations to secure thermal comfort, good acoustics and sufficient light in your buildings. We integrate DGNB, BREEAM or LEED criteria in your project to use them as best practice benchmarks for your design or to obtain a green building certificate after completion.